Danube Ports Days 2023: Navigating Towards Sustainable Waterborne Transport

Danube Port Days Event news hero V2 2The Danube Ports Days 2023 event, a collaborative effort by Pro Danube in partnership with the EU-funded Green Inland Ports StudyMultiRELOAD and SYNERGETICS projects, and with support from the Danube Ports Network, has successfully concluded. This groundbreaking event served as the focal point for high-profile representatives from the European Parliament, European Commission, international river commissions, port authorities, and various stakeholders in the inland waterway transportation (IWT) sector.


The two-day event, held on 23 and 24 November in Vienna, provided a unique platform for participants to explore innovative tools and solutions geared towards achieving green objectives, sharing experiences, addressing common challenges, and staying updated on latest industry developments. With a specific focus on the European Green Deal, the Danube Ports Days aimed to facilitate collaboration between public and private entities, fostering know-how sharing and feedback collection in pursuit of the ambitious climate targets enshrined in the European Green Deal.


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